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                    護坡模具應包裝緊密、整齊。模具應嚴厲入庫檢驗,制止質次或已老化蛻變的份子化合物塑料制品入庫。要包裝緊密、整齊,在出入庫時進行檢查,入庫時要檢驗,制止質量過次或老化的模具進入庫房。堅持庫房的衛生,在墻面和門窗上刷上白色,避免陽光直鋼制閘門 鋼壩 保定輕鋼別墅 保定平面設計培訓 保定室內設計培訓 保定辦公家具  射,不能同倉貯存腐蝕性較強的產物。還要注重防潮、防曬、防風、防雨等,還要堅持濕度和溫度,避免護坡模具發作化學反應,招致物理狀況改動。底層庫房要隔離地潮,露天貨垛要做好防曬、防雨、防風、避免露垛。增強模具的庫房溫濕度辦理,份子化合物塑料制品通常需求相宜溫度在27℃以下,相對濕度70%~80。
                    The slope protection mould shall be packed tightly and neatly. The molds shall be subject to strict warehousing inspection to prevent inferior or aging plastic products from warehousing. The packaging shall be tight and tidy, and the inspection shall be carried out when in and out of the warehouse. The inspection shall be carried out when in the warehouse to prevent the molds with poor quality or aging from entering the warehouse. Adhere to the hygiene of the warehouse, paint white on the walls, doors and windows, avoid direct sunlight, steel gate steel dam, Baoding light steel villa, Baoding graphic design training, Baoding interior design training, Baoding office furniture shooting, and do not store highly corrosive products in the same warehouse. We should also pay attention to moisture-proof, sunscreen, windproof and rainproof, and adhere to humidity and temperature to avoid chemical reaction of slope protection mold and change of physical condition. The warehouse on the ground floor shall be isolated from the earth tide, and the open-air cargo stack shall be protected from sun, rain, wind and exposure. Enhance the warehouse temperature and humidity management of molds. Molecular compound plastic products usually need appropriate temperature below 27 ℃ and relative humidity of 70% ~ 80.


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