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                    1. Control the elevation of steel bar

                    The 50cm elevation control line is set on the dark columns at both ends of the beam. In the course of construction, the steel bars are bandaged according to the control line, and the joint part is fasten firmly with the double ligature wire to prevent the slide. Before the concrete is poured, the steel bar is rechecked according to the 50cm control line. It is found that the deviation of the height is greater than 5mm, and the adjustment is made in time.

                    2. Follow up inspection and acceptance of structural board formwork.

                    When the formwork is supported, the closed floor structure 1m elevation control line is first detected on the shear wall wall. After laying the plate template and laying the wooden square, the flatness of the wooden side and the back corrugated is checked by the infrared five line instrument, and the flatness deviation is controlled within 3mm according to the 1m elevation control line. Then the panels are laid up, and the joints between the formwork are tight and smooth. The structure plate panel is checked with infrared five wire instrument, each plate must be checked at four corners and middle points. The evenness deviation is controlled within 3mm, and the steel bar binding is carried out after being qualified


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